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Comments from the Photographer:


As a photographer I appreciate and seek to create and present, “Fine Art” & “Gallery Quality” works of art from portraits to nude/ semi-nude images that are captivating, respectful and honorable that will inspire people for generations to come. 


 Although a veteran in the field of Fine Art Photography, I worked primarily as a consultant in the field of Information, Communications & Technology.


It has been my mission to portray people in a respectful, artistic and positive way, especially women of color. In so many instances, here is an ethnic group that is rarely if ever, shown as subjects in works of Fine Art at many museums & galleries.

The images as exhibited in galleries from the masters are honored and last through generations; but these works of art are not displaying women of color as subjects.
Therefore it is my quest to create the type of photographic works of art that will be of the quality that will stand the test of time, reflecting beautiful women in poses of grace, artistic elegance and dignity that will reflect a history of beauty that is inclusive.

My photographs pays homage to beauty and the perfection of the human body.   
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